Optimize Road Planning in Woodstock

Inform your road planning decisions by creating a unified harvest and road Woodstock model that facilitates harvest scheduling and wood allocation, with Road Optimizer.


Plan your Harvest and Road Network Together

Forest operations face two key challenges: maximizing wood production and minimizing operations costs. A major cause of harvesting cost increases is spatial dispersion or the spread of operations and the lack of coordination between harvest and road planning. Maintaining more roads than necessary at any given time results in higher road maintenance costs, more crew movement costs and more complex roadside inventory and transportation management. Road Optimizer overcomes these challenges, providing an integrated planning solution to help you schedule the right activity, in the right place, at the right time.

Key Benefits of Road Optimizer

A better planning process that can help you determine the right amount of roads to build and maintain to access your harvest inventory.

Align Infrastructure and Harvest

Efficiently coordinate road-building activities. Improve alignment between infrastructure and harvest efforts, so you can focus on making the best decisions that yield the lowest possible delivered wood costs.

Improve Decision Making

Built-in reporting calculates harvest volumes and their demand on road usage, allowing informed decision-making on building and maintaining the right grade of road depending on future volume flows in a spatial context.

Reduce Costs

Lower operational and road maintenance costs by clustering your harvest and scheduling less roads period-to-period to execute the harvest schedule. Adopt better methods to select harvest areas in the long-term planning process so that short-term harvest activities are more clustered.

Increase Transparency

Enhance visibility into road building and maintenance activities. Increase transparency by reporting on road maintenance costs and harvest volumes transported by road segment

Maximize ROI

Improve forecasting of detailed road costs. Prioritize for maximum return on investment, while accounting for budget and crew capacity. Budget and execute upgrade activities in a timely fashion, while understanding the planned volume to be transported. Balance operational expenses with supply revenues.

Inform Investment Decisions

Analyze the cost and benefit of accessing a new land base given the required road infrastructure investment. Optimize to determine the best timing for important infrastructure investments.


Bring the Right Level of Road Detail to Operations Scheduling

Road Optimizer enables you to bring the right level of road detail to your operations scheduling process and reduce your wood supply costs by aligning road and harvest planning activities. Gain better insight into the countless trade-offs involved when scheduling harvest units in conjunction with roads and accessing areas that require large up-front capital cost – while balancing production requirements and operating constraints. Reduce your wood supply costs by aligning road and harvest planning. 

Services are available to help you integrate your road planning requirements into your Woodstock model and successfully implement Road Optimizer.

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