Forest operations constantly face two challenges: maximizing wood production and minimizing operations costs. If you are a Woodlands Manager responsible for ensuring maximum value from your landbase, or an Operations Manager whose objective is to reduce delivered wood costs and maximize productivity, then you are frequently faced with decision-making in a complex environment.

One of the major causes of cost increase in harvesting is due to the spatial dispersion (spread) of operations and the lack of coordination between harvest and road planning. Maintaining more roads than necessary at any given time results in:

  • higher road maintenance costs
  • more crew movement costs
  • more complex roadside inventory and transportation management

A Remsoft planning solution including Road Optimizer and Remsoft Consulting Services allows you to overcome these challenges, empowering you to schedule the right activity, in the right place, at the right time.

Road Optimizer brings the right level of road detail to your operations scheduling process, reducing your wood supply costs by aligning road and harvest planning activities. Now, with all the information in front of you, Remsoft empowers you to solve your complex problems, smarter.


  • create an overall better planning process
  • determine the right amount of roads to build and maintain – to access the desired harvest inventory
  • ensure better alignment between infrastructure and harvest efforts, so you can focus on making the best decisions yielding the lowest possible delivered wood costs

Built-in reporting calculates harvest volumes and their demand on road usage, allowing informed decision-making on building and maintaining the right grade of road depending on future volume flows in a spatial context.


  • efficiently coordinating road-building activities
  • providing visibility of road building and maintenance activities to stakeholders
  • reducing the impact of roads on sensitive areas
  • adopting a better way to forecast detailed road costs
  • prioritizing for maximum return on investment, while accounting for budget and crew capacity
  • adopting better methods to select harvest areas in the long-term planning process so that short-term
  • harvest activities are more clustered
  • properly budgeting and executing upgrade activities in a timely fashion, while understanding the
  • planned volume to be transported
  • analyzing the cost and benefit of accessing a new landbase given the required road infrastructure investment


  • lower operational costs by clustering your harvest lower road maintenance costs by scheduling less roads period-to-period to execute the harvest schedule
  • use optimization to determine the best timing for important infrastructure investments
  • balance operational expenses with supply revenues
  • increase transparency by reporting on road maintenance costs and harvest volumes transported by road segment
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