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Optimization, Complex Problem Solving and Working With The Best


With a depth of problem-solving expertise and industry-standard platform for advanced analytics, Remsoft is helping organizations to solve some of the most complex forest planning problems in the world.

As a leader, part of my job is to recognize that while we should always focus on doing what we do best, we also need reach out to other leading experts from time to time to make sure we are on the right track.

At heart, we at Remsoft have always been a deep problem-solving company using advanced analytics (more specifically operations research: MIP, LP and our own proprietary heuristics) to solve some of the most complex planning problems in the world.

And our team is comprised of some of the most intelligent and experienced people I’ve ever worked with. All that said, every once and a while,

We’re stumped.

Like any company, we run into some challenges we can’t easily solve.

Recently, we ran into a few of these and we looked to some of the leading thinkers in the optimization space – this led us naturally to Princeton Consultants and Irv Lustig (Ph.D. in Operations Research from Stanford, long-time thought leader in the INFORMS world).

We asked Irv to come to Fredericton and spend time with our team to dig into some of our most head-scratching challenges related to long solve times.

It was a great experience. Irv identified a few areas we could work on for improvement and also validated that ours are, indeed among the most complex challenges around. It was a compelling reminder for our team who sometimes forgets that the work they do has no easy answers!

Princeton Consultants put together a case study about our experience working together, take a look:

Remsoft Case Study by Princeton Consultants

We’ll continue to look for leading talent anywhere we can get it to continuing refining and improving our technology!

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