The Remsoft Community

Community starts with a common need, and with Remsoft, we get what you need, we work hard to give it to you, and we work hard to make sure it works. 

When you join the Remsoft community, it’s more than just a service offering. We are there for you and have your back from beginning to end. Our advanced technology coupled with user-centred design, global training opportunities, and ongoing support only furthers your ease of use.

We combine the best technology with the best service, leaving you with the best result. 

Professional Development & Training

Remsoft offers a variety of open and private training and professional development opportunities that help you do your job better and smarter. We offer courses based on our flagship software products and one-on-one training tailored to meet your needs.
Please contact us for private or one-on-one training opportunities.

Technical Support

Technical Support is available Monday to Friday, 9AM – 5 PM AST

Software Downloads

Remsoft releases both a minor and major software update annually for all clients who are up to date on maintenance fees. You will find the most current versions of the software below.

Woodstock & Solvers

This provides access to:

  • Remsoft Spatial Planning System
  • Mosek Solver Setup
  • Gurobi Solver Setup


This provides access to:

  • Remsoft Tactical Planner 
  • Remsoft Analyst for Excel 
  • Remsoft Explorer

Non-Suite Products

This provides access to:

  • Behave by Remsoft – No Update Required
  • Remsoft Scheduler – Full install

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