Services to Accelerate Your Success

Our client services team is focused on meeting goals and exceeding expectations. Experts in maximizing intelligence and optimizing decisions for forest management planning, we’re here to help.

Technical Support

Responsive Support When You Need It

Our team of support professionals is dedicated to helping you get the most value from your Remsoft software. Access support by phone or email. Resolve issues, get answers to your questions and assistance with troubleshooting when you need it.  

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Options for Individual and Team Learning

Remsoft offers a variety of instructor-led online and in-person training options to support your learning in Woodstock and professional development. You can participate in open classroom training or contact us to discuss private team or one-on-one training delivered onsite to meet your meets.

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Professional Services

Meeting Goals and Driving Results

Remsoft provides essential implementation and consulting services that deliver expert advice and best practices to help you meet your modeling, optimization and business requirements. Whether you’re just getting started, working towards a goal or mapping your path to digital transformation, we can help you drive results faster.

Road Optimizer Assessment Service

The Road Optimizer Assessment Service lays the foundation for your harvest and road scheduling work. It provides you with better insight into the countless trade-offs involved when scheduling harvest units in conjunction with roads and accessing areas that require large up-front capital cost – while balancing production requirements and operating constraints. This service will deliver a successful implementation of Remsoft’s Road Optimizer technology, which enables you to integrate road planning requirements into your Woodstock Model.

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Model Integration Service

Managing complex models requires the processing of large data volumes. Handling this data in a way that addresses ease-of-use and repeatability can minimize delays during the planning cycle, freeing up your resources to focus on more important analysis. With the Model Integration Service we leverage Remsoft’s specialized data management and Woodstock modeling capabilities to provide expert advice on data and model management, with a focus on streamlining model updates, data source integration, and developing consistent and repeatable model workflows.

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Model Audit Service

The Model Audit Service is a Remsoft consulting service that provides expert insight and recommendations on model construction and potential for improvement. Woodstock models are a key decision support tool. Whether your model was built in-house, by a third party, or developed by Remsoft, you can benefit from an informed review of your model to ensure that it is performing optimally and functioning as expected. This service is designed to give you confidence that your model is properly formulated and functioning at its best.

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Enhanced Support Service

Woodstock models are a key tool in decision support and keeping them current and relevant can be challenging. Remsoft’s Enhanced Support Service provides an enhanced level of support that goes beyond that covered by Annual Maintenance and Support. In addition to assisting you with model updates or changes, our Enhanced Support Service can help with a range of complex issues – from troubleshooting infeasibilities to interpreting model behaviour. This service is designed to give you the right mix of support and expertise to help you keep pace.

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