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Al-Pac optimizes for maximum efficiency and sustainability

With a focus on maximizing efficiency and forest resource sustainability, Al-Pac uses optimization technology to improve tactical harvest scheduling and wood flow across its North American operations. Al-Pac has leveraged Remsoft’s Tactical Optimization application to streamline and integrate planning across its supply chain.

Our data-driven approach and optimized, integrated planning between Forest Companies, has helped us manage fibre flow to minimize operational inefficiencies and maximize the benefits from the forest resource.”

Remi L’Heureux, Al-Pac Business Unit Leader,
Integrated Land and Fiber Logistics

Connecting Boardroom Strategy to Forest Floor Reality

Coillte, Ireland’s largest commercial forestry company, uses Remsoft’s planning analytics technology to optimize strategic, tactical and operational planning for its field operations. As a result, the company has streamlined the planning process, gained greater visibility into operations and can evaluate its environmental and financial performance more accurately.

Using Remsoft’s technology, we now have a stronger strategic perspective on forest resource management and the ability to make better decisions based on fact-supported analysis.”

Gerard Murphy, Forest Managing Director, Coillte

Optimizing Prescribed Burns to Reduce the Impact of Future Wildfires

To reduce the risk of devastating wildfires, the Australian Capital Territory Parks and Conservation Service (ACT PCS) uses Remsoft optimization software to get better insight into the effects of prescribed burns. These planned burns reduce wildfire risk, and the organization uses model simulations to evaluate scenarios and optimize burn schedules so they achieve the most benefit.

By modeling prescribed burning activities in various burn unit block configurations across the landscape, we can see the difference that they make to potential fire patterns.”

Tony Scherl, Planning Manager, Fire, Forests and Roads Section, ACT PCS.

Multi-level Forest Operations Planning and Optimization Saves Millions

With better data and analysis to support decision-making and optimize multi-level planning, JSC Latvijasvalstsmeži (LVM) in Latvia has reduced transportation costs, improved contract fulfillment and enhanced product quality. The company manages half the forest resources in Latvia and uses Remsoft’s optimization modeling technology to manage its complex supply chain.

We can model scenarios, allowing us to make better decisions about our operations and sales processes, and provide our clients a high level of service in our delivery process. This has resulted in significant cost savings to LVM.”

Andris Balodis, Director, Timber Production and Deliveries, LVM

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