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Remsoft Educational Partners Program

Remsoft’s Educational Partners Program supports academic research and teaching initiatives that increase understanding and improve practices in sustainable forest, land and asset management.

Industry Standard Platform for Forest Management Planning

Remsoft’s Woodstock Optimization Studio is the platform of choice for international researchers and forest management planning education. Through our Educational Partners Program, accredited educational institutions around the world have access to Remsoft’s industry leading software for prescriptive analytics and decision optimization.

We offer special academic licenses for instructors, researchers, and students to support academic research and teaching initiatives that increase understanding and improve practices in sustainable forest, land and asset management.  

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Teaching with Remsoft

Whether a high-level introduction to forest management technology, or an in-depth, hands-on approach, the Woodstock platform is being applied in classrooms and teaching labs within academic curriculums around the globe. Key benefits for teaching include:

  • Combine theoretical study with applied knowledge of modern technology for subjects ranging from Forest Management to Civil Infrastructure.
  • Provide students with valuable exposure to industry-standard software for forest management planning – from forest economics and inventory projection to trade-off analyses, sustainability, and harvest scheduling.

Remsoft for Researchers

Remsoft encourages innovative approaches to applying Woodstock at an academic level. Remsoft software has been used for individual and university-backed studies, and ground-breaking research projects. Key benefits for research include:

  • Access industry-standard optimization modeling software that supports cutting edge linear programming and mixed integer linear programming formulations.
  • Meet a full range of research program needs, including long term forest estate development models that facilitate carbon sequestration or climate change analyses, cutting edge short term operational planning models, and advanced civil infrastructure asset management.

Supporting your Success

Expertise and online resources are available to support teachers, students and researchers.

Find the latest articles on research projects and software update announcements in our Resource Centre.

If you’re interested in a demo, training, or a Remsoft technical expert for virtual guest speaking and mentoring opportunities during the academic year, Contact Us.

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