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Connect with Remsoft technical support experts and learn about the latest software updates and announcements. Find downloads for the most current versions of Remsoft software.


Expert Help for Your Remsoft Software

Get answers to your questions, and responsive technical support when you need it. Our team of support professionals is available from Monday to Friday, 9AM – 5PM AST. To access Remsoft Technical Support email You can also call us: 1-506-450-1511 or toll-free in North America 1-800-792-9468.

Support Announcements and Updates

Software Update! Remsoft’s 2021.3 Woodstock Release Includes New Reporting and Validation Features

Remsoft’s 2021.3 Woodstock Optimization Studio Release includes new reporting features, an online help portal, and new functionality that can help you uncover more insights and minimize infeasibilities to improve the accuracy and speed of your planning.

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Software Update: Remsoft's 2020.7 Woodstock Scheduler Release Now Available

Remsoft's 2020.7 Scheduler release addresses known issues and bug fixes. It includes an online knowledge base and new functionality that can help to minimize crew movement costs and improve visualization of scheduled activities.

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Software Downloads

Find the most current versions of Remsoft software. Remsoft releases a minor and major software update annually for all maintained clients. 


Technical Note: If Windows Defender SmartScreen issues a warning, click ‘More Info’ to complete the install.

Modeling Platform & Solvers

This download includes:

  • Woodstock Optimization Studio
  • Mosek Solver Setup
  • Gurobi Solver Setup


Optimization Applications

This download includes:

  • Woodstock Scheduler


End-User Analysis Modules

This download includes:

  • Remsoft Tactical Planner
  • Remsoft Analyst for Excel
  • Remsoft Explorer