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Woodstock Optimization Studio

Optimize every facet of planning and scheduling with Woodstock Optimization Studio.

Transform data into insight with prescriptive analytics

Refined and innovated over nearly three decades, Woodstock is an integrated optimization modeling platform with robust prescriptive analytics capabilities that can help you improve decisions, resource and asset management.

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Get data-driven answers to critical business questions

Thriving in today’s complex and changing business environments requires more agile and accurate decision-making. Decisions based on data that can help you balance objectives, consider constraints and achieve outcomes with less risk. Remsoft’s optimization technology supports enterprise-wide use of prescriptive analytics that can address multiple supply chain challenges, including planning and scheduling, resource and asset management. With optimization modeling, you can answer your critical ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what if’ questions to improve decisions, performance and create long-term competitive advantage

How It Works

Optimize planning, scheduling and resource allocation

Build, maintain, and deploy mathematical optimization models based on your planning and scheduling needs. Work with published models through focused, task-specific workflows and user-friendly interfaces. Iterate models as new data is available and adjust them as situations change.

Woodstock Optimization_Mathematical Optimization Modeling

Solve short to long-term problems where sequencing and assignment of an optimal timing is fundamental to performant decision-making. Specify interval constraints and adjust parameters to maximize value and minimize costs.

Woodstock Optimization Modeling Flexible Problem Solving

Conduct deep analyses to optimize plans and schedules, allocate resources, and understand the opportunity cost of individual constraints. Assess the impact of changing resource levels on medium- and long-term financial performance to help prioritize resource investments.

Woodstock Optimization Modeling Scenario and Capacity Analysis

Optimization for Lifecycle Forestry Planning

Purpose-built and highly adaptable optimization models for end-to-end forestry planning and scheduling activities.

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Land Valuation

Timberland valuation and estate modeling to support investment decisions

  • Forest valuation
  • Harvest and silviculture analysis
  • Forecasting timber resource growth
  • Forecasting product and environmental value (carbon)

Strategic Planning

Long-term forest and sustainability management planning

  • Harvest and product planning
  • Silviculture planning
  • Discounted cashflow analysis
  • Environment and policy assessment
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Carbon management

Tactical Planning

Short-term to mid-term planning and scheduling efficiency

  • Coordinated harvest and road planning
  • Wood flow and delivery planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Budget planning

S&OP Planning

Sales and operational supply and demand planning and forecasting

  • Harvest and crew scheduling
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Sales planning
  • Procurement planning
  • Product inventory planning

Optimization For Infrastructure Asset Management

Sophisticated optimization models for improving infrastructure asset planning and investment decisions. 

Infrastructure Asset Management

  • Investment evaluations
  • Asset reliability optimization 
  • Replacement planning
  • Capital investment deferral analysis
  • Cross-Asset Optimization


Powerful, agile decision support

Prescriptive analytics transform data into reliable insight, and foresight, that’s easy to understand and put into action. While other analytics can help you answer the ‘what’ and ‘why’ it happened, only prescriptive analytics can answer ‘how can we make it happen?’ – enabling you to continually optimize and adjust your plans, and monitor the progress of the plan’s execution.

Prescriptive analytics is the application of logic and mathematics to data to specify a preferred course of action. While all types of analytics ultimately support better decision making, prescriptive analytics outputs a decision rather than a report, statistic, probability or estimate of future outcomes.”

Gartner, Forecast Snapshot: Prescriptive Analytics, Worldwide, 2019


Integrated Platform Capabilities

A robust planning analytics technology platform that scales to your data and needs.

Highly Adaptable Models

Build, maintain, deploy, and analyse complex mathematical optimization models based on your unique business needs.

Data-Model Connectivity

Dynamically update models and create scenarios from a database to reduce manual effort and improve reliability.

Supports Continuous or Integer-variables

Leverage best-in-class third party solvers and represent planning decisions with continuous or discrete choices.

Cross-Asset, Cross-Industry Application

Flexibly adapt to any type of high-value asset, spatial and temporal range to enable prescriptive analytics solutions.

Scheduling Problem Solving

Solve long to short-term problems where sequencing and assignment of an optimal timing is the fundamental decision.

Holistic Value Chain View

Minimize inefficiencies down the value chain by including an enterprise wide view, from the field to facilities.

Value-Added Professional Services and Support

Whether you’re just getting started or working towards a goal, we can help you drive results faster.

Implementation and Consulting

Remsoft experts are available to provide guidance and actionable insights to help you achieve results. We can help you maximize the performance of your model to meet planning goals.

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Responsive Support

Our support professionals understand the intricacies of planning as well as analytics. We're always available to answer questions and help you achieve critical outcomes with our software.

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