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Tech Support: A Breakdown


Support Analyst, Trevor Stewart, shares observations and insights on Remsoft’s new support platform to improve customer experience. In this blog post, he will detail interesting findings and trends in technical support. 

Hi, I’m Trevor and I’m typically the voice you hear on the phone when you call tech support, or the person who responds when you submit a support ticket.

I’ve been with Remsoft for just over a year. I am a forester, so what attracted me to Remsoft was my ability to use cool technology while still using my forestry training.

For those of you who are long time Remsoft clients, you’ll know that although the voices on the line have changed over the years, our tech support process is tailored to whatever problem or bug you’ve encountered. We strive to provide a personalized technical support experience.

In March of 2017, we moved to a new support platform to improve customer experience and our own ability to respond to calls for support. Since we started using the platform, we’ve been able to see some really interesting findings and trends in technical support.  

I thought I’d share a few of my observations and insights:

126 different companies
have used our technical support system. This is 71% of our total Client base. This is interesting because it shows that the majority of our clients use the technical support platform for their everyday troubles.

834 tickets
have been addressed by our technical support team. This is approximately 60 tickets a month or 3 per business day. As we don’t use canned responses, each reply needs to be hand crafted to fit the problem in question, so it takes time.

2 hours and 34 minutes
is our average time to first reply. Our company policy is a reply within one work day, so we are well under our company goal.

When we resolve a ticket, there is a “happiness survey” sent to the client. 92% of the surveys completed have been “Great, which is the highest level in the survey. Remsoft’s goal is to stay above 90% but my personal goal is to be over 95%.

41 bugs
have been logged throughout tech support system. This ability to log and track bugs is critical for us. As many of our users will know, Woodstock is very complex software with many features. Before we release a version, it goes through our product quality assurance (QA) process, but it is near impossible to test every single feature or combination of features. 41 bugs is actually pretty low by industry standards, but we take them all seriously.

When a bug comes in, it goes straight to Don, our Director of Technology. Don then triages the bug to the appropriate person within the development team, either someone in QA or straight to Ugo, our CTO, who will work on it until it’s solved.

The top five areas of tech support help:

  1. Woodstock
  2. Licensing
  3. Spatial Woodstock
  4. Remsoft Scheduler
  5. Analyst for Excel, Remsoft Tactical Planner and Solvers all tie for 5th.

This ranking is not surprising as Woodstock is our flagship program and most of our clients use it daily. Actually, when you dive into the number, Woodstock has 400 more tickets than Licensing, which shows the dependence our clients have on their Woodstock models for their everyday planning.

Since I began over a year ago, I have really enjoyed helping and building relationships with our clients. Myself and our new additions to our support team look forward to connecting with people, digging in to understand the issue and solving the problem…And getting to know people along the way.

If/when you need help, please do not hesitate and contact us.

In the meantime, we’re putting together a list of the greatest tech tips of all time!

Is there a Woodstock tip or trick that changed the way you model? Something you’ve been leaning on for years, saved you in a tricky situation, or learned recently that blew your mind? We want to include it in our list!

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