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Top 14 Destinations – Our Remsoft On The Road Roundup


Co-Founder and CEO, Andrea Feunekes shares some favourite travel experiences from the Remsoft team over the past two years. From lunch breaks with alligators to lounging with penguins, our #RemsoftOnTheRoad series spans the globe.

As I prepare for my next round of travel next week, I can’t help but think about how cool it is that our team gets to travel all over the world, taking on interesting projects in interesting places.

Our clients are spread out over six continents, which means someone in our team is always coming or going.

The Remsoft Team are some of the smartest and hardest working problem solvers I’ve come across in any industry. They work tirelessly for our clients when they’re in office or on site, and bring what they learn on each engagement back to the team to help improve our software and client solutions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to sneak in some fun when they can!

We’ve started documenting this in a series we call #RemsoftOnTheRoad. Every time our team travels somewhere, they send back a photo. Part of this is to contribute to the series, and part of it is to make the rest of our team really jealous, whether it’s finding a few minutes to soak up the sun in Brazil or mountain biking after a day’s work in South Africa.

Here are some of our favourite #RemsoftOnTheRoad moments from the last two years:

1. Commuting in Uruguay

2 years ago, our Project Manager Marie Eve was in Uruguay working on implementing a solution with a client. This was her morning walk to the office everyday for two weeks!

2. Lunch Break with Alligators

Our Marketing Coordinator Nicola took this photo during a lunch stop on an Association of Consulting Foresters field tour at the 5 Rivers Delta Resource Center in Alabama. She had joked that her goal for the trip was to see a ‘gator … and they ended up eating lunch on the dock right next to one.

3. Lounging with Penguins

This is from a trip Solutions Manager Jennifer and Senior Analyst Andrew took to South Africa while implementing a client solution. For anyone not from the Southern Hemisphere, seeing penguins in the warm weather is most unusual.

4. Ferry Crossing in Brazil

Since and before opening our subsidiary, Remsoft Soluçãos Ltda, in Brazil in 2016. Our leadership team has spent quite a bit of time going back and forth to Brazil, meeting with clients and supporting our team on the ground there. Here is Senior Vice President Doug during a ferry crossing on a trip in June 2016.

5. Layovers You Actually Want

Solutions Manager Jennifer snapped this picture at Gardens By The Bay during a layover in Singapore on her way to scope a client’s project in Indonesia with Senior Analyst Sandy. Our team knows how to take full advantage of long travel itineraries!

6. Brazilian User Group

We love getting face time with our clients, which is why we host User Groups. This was the view from my hotel room in 2016 when we had our Brazilian User Group in Vitoria, which is back by popular demand this November.

7. Mountain Biking in South Africa

Our team is very active in the outdoors, and we’re big into mountain biking. Here’s our VP of Global Sales John and Project Requirements Analyst Mike on a trip to South Africa last year.


Waterfall John and Mike encountered on their ride
8. Bringing Fredericton to Russia

As much as we love visiting our clients, sometimes they prefer to come to us so they can check out our offices in Fredericton. We had clients from Russia visit us this past Fall and while they were here, they fell in love with Graystone Brewing beer, which is a neighborhood brewery around the corner from our office. So when Senior Analyst Sandy and Project Manager Marie Eve went back to Russia this past February, they thought it was only fair to bring some of Fredericton to them.

9. Beating the Winter Cold in California

If you’ve ever been to New Brunswick in February, you’ll know our temperatures can go down to -35 Celsius (-31 Fahrenheit) with the windchill. We embrace winter, but it’s also great to be able to get away for a while. Here’s Elliot at the Esri Partner Conference in Palm Springs California a few months back. This is a great event we love to attend to catch up with our friends at Esri, learn what’s new with their technology, and see what others in the Esri partner network are up to.

10. Finishing a Great Project

In order to be a Remsoft analyst, you have to have a sense of adventure and a willingness to travel all over the world. Our team really gets to know our client’s project team, and it’s always bitter sweet to do a wrap up visit after travelling to a client’s office several times over the project. Here’s Sandy during his last project trip to April Asia’s office. With an annual capacity of 2 million tonnes per year, they run one of the biggest pulp and paper mills in the world.

11. It’s Not Just Projects

As industry experts, our team travels around the world presenting at conferences and industry events. Most recently we’ve had presentations at ForestExpo in Brazil, The International Forest Business Conference in Poland, and we’ve got presentations coming up at both Woodflow events in New Zealand and Australia in the next few weeks. Here’s Solutions Manager Jennifer during her talk at the Society of American Foresters Technology Workshop last month.

12. Out in the Field

Being on the road can also mean going down the road. Last June, our client AV Nackawic put on a great field tour for our Fredericton User Group participants. It’s always interesting to show off New Brunswick’s mixed hardwoods to clients visiting from areas growing predominantly softwood plantations.

13. Seeing More of Your Own Backyard

Canada is a such a massive country that travelling to the other coast feels like an international trip. Sandy and Mike had a great trip last week to visit a client in Alberta, Canada.

14. It’s Not Just Forestry… and it’s Happening All the Time

This week our new Vice President of Corporate Development, Mike, and Applications Architect Kevin are at the Big Data Conference in Toronto. They’re learning about the latest trends in big data, AI and analytics and piecing together how we can use these rapidly growing technologies to better our solution offerings.


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