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Why Attend: Remsoft’s User Group Conference in a Nutshell


Remsoft Lifer and User Group User Group Connoisseur, Phillis Kelly, shares customer comments and her own insights on what makes the Remsoft User Group Conference experience so special.

Ugo’s drone shot from our 2017 User Group Field Tour

(Warning: an abundance of boasting is included.)

A quiet man entered the restaurant and was shown to our large table at the back.

I stood up and introduced myself. When he gave me his first name, I replied with his last name. He smiled and his shoulders visibly dropped. As the evening and following days progressed, I introduced him to other attendees and noticed other Remsoft staff engaging in conversation with him. At the end of the conference, he approached me and admitted that he was very nervous coming out to Fredericton by himself. He said he thought he was going to be a number – another face in the crowd. But instead he felt welcomed, like a real person and friend to the Remsoft team and his industry colleagues.

This could sum up the Remsoft User Group Conference experience, but there is so much more.

“Very impressed with the organization and effort that went into making this a very well run, professional event.”

– Past UG participant

Over the years, Remsoft has been proud to bring its community of clients together in its “hometown” of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Analysts, Managers, Owners and Chiefs from around the world have attended this bi-annual event, and the praise continues to grow. Not only from conference participants, but also from the Remsoft Team, who endearingly refer to the event as “Remsoft Christmas”.

Why the hype? Well, the 1½-day conference is jam-packed with learning, sharing, networking and fun!

The Client Presentations are carefully selected and offer a variety of perspectives on industry challenges and how they are being solved.

Here’s what past attendees have said about some of the Client Presentations:
– “Inspired to get me to do more with software”
– “I see how problems all across the world are really very similar”
– “I really liked seeing something other than typical op. Harvesting planning. Some very interesting approaches to a very complex problem”
– “Enjoyed the diverse range of presentations”

The Remsoft intelligence you will acquire will cover everything from what has been accomplished to what you can expect to see in the future.

The new features and applications will rock your world, and tech tips will blow your mind. Think I’m exaggerating? Take it from them:
– “I sketched out an idea for a cool model today to tackle forest inventory scheduling over next 10 year!”
– “As always, (Ugo’s presentation) was the best!”
– “Awesome stuff – keep (tech tips) coming”
– “Excited to see continued commitment to innovations, service, and product development…”
– “Best Part: Tech Tips – I am relatively new to Woodstock/RTP so the more tidbits I pick up, the better. “
– “Great job again, love to see the new stuff you are working on…”

Crowd at our 2015 User Group

But don’t be fooled by the name of the conference. Non-users and executives gain a lot as well. This year, we’ll be doing break-out sessions where you can either choose the “techy” Woodstock sessions, or a higher level, manager and executive focused looked at our newest product, Remsoft Operations. This is the first time we’ve had breakouts, but we’re doing it because of the feedback we’ve received in the past.

This is not just natter. We actually listen AND respond!
– “…You continue to cater to the needs of your customers with products and support.”
– “…Really appreciate the emphasis placed on listening to customer needs”
– “This is the most relaxed user group I’ve been to yet, so fruitful in the sense of what’s learnt/shared.”

Had enough? No way! Now the fun starts. Networking with The Best clients in the world. Meeting the eclectic, funny, smart, beautiful Remsoft family. Experiencing real East-Coast hospitality, including fresh Maritime Lobster and local craft brews. Live music featuring “kitchen-party” diddies of the past. Everyone leaves with a warm heart and a smile on their face.

Lobster, as promised, served by our talented Analysts.

And so, I will end with this…
– “Best conference I’ve been too – excellent all around”
– “Very positive, informative & upbeat seminar”
– “I love the UG, you guys do a great job! Kudos to all of you”
– “What a great experience! It was a wonderful to meet this family and to be treated like royalty. It was so wonderful to network and meet people from around the world! Great prizes and hospitality! Best entertainment. I hope I can continue our relationship in the future!”
– “Folks went above and beyond the call to help out and make everyone welcome. Training was fabulous, and the tech support was great. “
– “Like the social parts, the house band rocked. Beer good too.”
– “It’s obvious the entire Remsoft team is a group of highly motivated, smart folks.”

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