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Remsoft’s 2022.01 Woodstock and Scheduler Release Now Available


Remsoft has released a major update today for Woodstock Optimization Studio and Woodstock Scheduler that includes new and enhanced features, and addresses known issues and bug fixes. The 2022.01 Release include new functionality that can improve the accuracy, efficiency, and speed of your planning.

Remsoft’s 2022.1 Woodstock Optimization Studio and Scheduler Updates: New Features and Functionality

Featured Updates in this Release include:

New Clustering Functionality

When defining the scope of an optimization planning model, it is essential to ensure decisions are being made along with suitable granularity. To ensure that optimization models retain the substantial amount of detail required for your models without risking the extended solving run times that lead to operational bottlenecks, Remsoft has developed a clustering functionality. This aggregates the small decision units into larger, more practical ones (such as grouping polygons into analysis areas (AAUnits) or aggregating small harvest units into a harvest cluster). This clustering functionality reduces the spread of the treatment schedule and improves solving run time by reducing the total number of decision variables within the model, resulting in an enhanced decision support platform. 

Remsoft Woodstock Clustering Functionality
Harvest units grouped into harvest clusters.

Enhancements to Road Optimizer

Remsoft has made several updates to the Road Optimizer module that enhance the level of road detail you can integrate with harvest scheduling, to reduce wood supply costs by aligning infrastructure and harvest efforts. A variety of performance improvements were added to give you a superior experience using Road Optimizer. Further updates include additional road maintenance formulations, a new construction formulation, and a new block-to-block distance tool. Lastly, road maintenance syntax has been simplified and various road and routes data integrity checks have been added.

Read the 2022.01 Release Notes for a full list of the new and enhanced features, issues, and bug fixes. Find the Software Downloads for this update. 

Find more information on the Clustering Functionality and the Road Optimizer Manual in the Woodstock Documentation Portal. You can access the portal within the Woodstock or Scheduler software interface.

Feedback and Support

As always, we welcome your feedback on our products. To suggest new features that would bring value and improve efficiency in your planning workflows, please send us an email at Support.

If you experience any technical issues with this release, contact our Support Team for assistance.

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