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Land Valuation and Asset Management

Intelligent decision support for land acquisitions and sales

Analyze and forecast the biological and financial elements that characterize the value of your timberland assets to make better investment decisions.

Bring more certainty to forest land valuation

Making critical timberland investment decisions requires a deep understanding of an asset’s true market value. But the complexities involved in forest estate valuation make it difficult to see the full picture. Remsoft optimization analytics technology provides a clear view of what timberland assets are worth and reliable insight into how they can be optimized to increase their value and performance.

Deepen insight for investment decisions

With Remsoft’s Woodstock solution for land valuation, you can leverage the power of optimization to get the true market value of timberland through insightful acquisition and divestment analyses that quickly lets you see how decisions impact overall management plans. With the ability to evaluate every option using any variable or business objective you can take the guesswork, and risk, out of investment planning.

  • Develop models for multiple assets with varied constraints
  • Conduct trade-off analyses to assess risk and improve performance
  • Create defensible plans that are fact based and certification compliant

Optimize planning for timberland assets

Using optimization analytics, you can make data-driven decisions about land sales and acquisitions.

Mathematical optimization modeling

Empower decision-makers with robust integrated analytics capabilities using linear and integer programming, and heuristic simulations. Build, maintain, and deploy mathematical optimization models based on your planning and scheduling needs. Easily analyze all data with enhanced visualizations. Iterate models as new data is available and adjust them as situations change.

Flexible problem solving

Analyze forest planning dynamics across many spatial and temporal ranges to understand and assess complex business challenges. Solve medium to long-term problems where sequencing and assignment of an optimal timing is fundamental to decision-making. Consider timings and timberland asset lifecycles to produce optimal plans and schedules of activities.

Scenario and capacity analysis

Make transparent, data-driven decisions through strong scenario, trade-off and what-if analyses. Conduct deep analyses to evaluate higher and best use scenarios, consider alternative courses of action, test currency fluctuations and proposed government policies and see the impact on asset value. Assess the impact of changing resources levels on medium and long-term financial performance to prioritize resource investments.

Capabilities for timberland asset management

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Keep asset management plans and schedules profitable by simulating uncertain events to understand the impact on revenue and costs of management activities.

Forest Estate Valuation

Get a complete, accurate view of the value, potential and characteristics of your forest land assets to make better timberland management decisions.

Timberland Divestitures

Get the true market value of timberland assets (higher and best use) and quickly see how key decisions impact overall management and investment strategies. 

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