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Insight and Impact in Forestry: Remsoft Hosts Australasia User Group Conference in Melbourne


Remsoft’s Australasia User Group conference will explore how organizations are leveraging technology to gain insights that increase efficiency and improve outcomes across the Forestry supply chain.

Forestry, government and consulting professionals will gather in Melbourne from October 29-30, 2019 to attend Remsoft’s Australasia User Group conference being held at the Jasper Hotel. This year’s conference explores how organizations are leveraging technology to gain insights that increase efficiency and improve outcomes across the Forestry supply chain.

Opening the conference, Remsoft CEO, Andrea Feunekes will share examples of the problem-solving and impact that’s being enabled by deeper analytics and shared intelligence, and innovation that’s delivering new value. Rudolf van Rensburg, Director, Margules Groome Consulting will join her to provide an Australasia forestry market outlook, exploring future trends for the forestry industry and key factors that are likely to impact forest valuations.

Conference attendees will learn how to improve productivity and outcomes in Remsoft’s Woodstock Platform, and discover new Remsoft offerings that bridge gaps from strategic to operational forest planning. Remsoft Road Optimizer brings an enhanced level of road detail to operations scheduling, reducing wood supply costs by aligning infrastructure and harvest efforts. Remsoft Operations improves operational efficiency and performance across operations through a cloud-based planning system that’s fully connected, integrated, and transparent.

In featured presentations:

HVP Plantations will share why they chose Remsoft for HVP’s operations, and how they are using Integrator, Woodstock and Tactical Planner to achieve improved efficiency, engagement and planning outcomes.

The ACT Parks and Conservation Service will show how they’ve applied the optimization potential of Woodstock, integrated with Phoenix fire behaviour prediction simulations, to develop an improved 10-year burn program as part of the ACT Regional Fire Management Plan.

Nelson Forests will demonstrate how their 3 models – long term, tactical and operational – work together to increase efficiency, simplify budgeting, optimize crew and product allocation, and reduce operating costs.

Margules Groome Consulting will show how they use Remsoft technology as part of their forest valuation business to provide best practice analyses and value over 4 billion dollars worth of forest annually.

The Australasia User Group conference is an opportunity to engage with Remsoft business and technical leads, share best practices and network with users across the Asia Pacific region.

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