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Remsoft Expands Presence in Australia and New Zealand

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Remsoft is growing its local presence in Australasia by investing in the region, and adding a key new technical resource to our Sales Team.

A great thing about working globally is that we travel to visit interesting people, in interesting places all over the world. Time zones, climates, languages – nothing is a barrier for our team. Even the most remote locations don’t stop us, which is a good thing, since we’re in the business of forestry.  Planes, trains, canoes or rickshaws – we’ll find a way to visit you, even if there is a bit of a delay or it means scheduling calls late in our night or early in our morning to accommodate clients!  Our team makes it work.  But sometimes we also arrive at a point where it makes sense to have a person on the ground.

This is why Remsoft is expanding our local presence in Australasia by investing in the region through the addition of a key new role to our Sales Team through a key technical resource.

Over the past year, Remsoft has been growing capacity to deliver solutions in the global market with the launch of our cloud platform and an expansion into the operations space with Remsoft Operations.  We’re also diving deeper with our clients to generate maximum value from their current Remsoft investments.

Overall, it’s an exciting time for Remsoft, and this new role will be focused on customer success through a combined business/technical role.  It will allow our clients to access timely communication, dive into new ideas with a local representative, engage first level technical expertise, coordinate on deep technical issues with our Canadian office, and provide feedback on region-specific initiatives.

In the end, what it really means is that we’ll provide even better service for the unique forestry needs in Australia and New Zealand.

We’re excited to be adding this new role to our team that ultimately allows us to be bigger and better as a company. Stay tuned!

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