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Remsoft Acquires MRO Solutions Provider Xtivity to Power Critical Asset Decisions


With the acquisition of Xtivity, Remsoft adds inventory and supply chain management to its intelligence technology solutions for forestry, land and asset management optimization.

Remsoft-Xtivity Acquisition

Remsoft announced today that it has acquired Xtivity Inc., a managed services firm focused on improving asset availability through effective Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) inventory management.

Headquartered in London, Ontario, Xtivity serves a broad cross-section of industries and geographic markets, providing reliability-centered inventory solutions for some of the world’s largest industrial asset companies across Pulp & Paper, Mining, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, and Transportation. By connecting MRO decisions to equipment performance, throughout the inventory lifecycle, Xtivity helps companies ensure optimal parts availability and asset performance. 

Remsoft solutions are focused on optimizing the management and utilization of forestry and land assets, bringing transparency and intelligence to improve planning and scheduling across the forest value chain. A pioneer in optimization modeling technology, Remsoft helps to transform data into insights for more precise and proactive end-to-end planning including cloud-based, real-time operations scheduling.

The addition of Xtivity with its Pulse decision support system, based on machine learning algorithms, is a strong complement to Remsoft’s family of intelligent technology solutions that power critical asset decisions.  

“At the core, both companies are focused on providing customers with actionable, data-based insights to drive critical decision making,” said Andrea Feunekes, Remsoft CEO. “We provide intelligent analytics technology and services, grounded by deep domain expertise, to help companies uncover the best choices amidst competing data elements. That’s the synergy we’ll be building on to deliver more value for customers in our combined markets.”

Xtivity will operate as a subsidiary of Remsoft, and Managing Director, Andrew Jordan will continue in his role to lead the operations of the company. Combined, the companies will have expanded resources, including teams of seasoned analysts, MRO Supply Chain domain experts and software developers, to support global customers of all sizes on every continent.

“There’s a great fit, between Remsoft and Xtivity, that starts with our core values,” said Jordan. “Remsoft shares our commitment to client service and focus on delivering bottom line results. We each bring unique capabilities and expertise to this partnership, and together we provide a compelling proposition for our customers.”

About Remsoft 

Remsoft is a leading provider of intelligence technologies for managing the world’s forests, land and industrial assets. Global organizations rely on Remsoft technology and expertise to manage more than 500 Million acres of land, solving complex forest planning challenges over all time horizons – from strategic, environment and policy planning to tactical harvest and resource scheduling, and daily forest operations efficiency.

Remsoft’s optimization analytics software and connected cloud solutions deliver insights and operational visibility to improve decision-making at every point in the value chain for sustainability, profitability, growth and competitive advantage. 

About Xtivity

Xtivity is focused on improving asset availability across asset-intensive industries through the effective management of inventory and the supporting supply chain.

By leveraging a combination of domain expertise, proprietary technology solutions and robust methodologies, Xtivity offers a unique combination of managed and professional services aimed at providing both ongoing and discrete MRO decision support to help clients achieve performance improvements across their business. For more information, visit:


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