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Remsoft Experts to Present at Upcoming Forestry Conferences

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Remsoft has announced upcoming speaking engagements at the International Forest Business Conference 2018 in Poland and the Woodflow 2018 conferences in Australia and New Zealand.

International Forest Business Conference 2018 – CTO and co-founder Ugo Feunekes will discuss the topic, “Optimizing the Value Chain Through Smart Clustering: Using Advanced Analytics and Heuristics to Improve Activity Scheduling,” on Thursday, June 7, in Kistowo, Poland.

Woodflow 2018 Conferences – Vice President John Trus will unveil Remsoft’s new product, Remsoft Operations, as part of his, “Tech Talk,” presentation on Tuesday, June 19, in Melbourne, Australia. He also will deliver his speech, “Wood Flow Operations and Management Planning in the Cloud,” at the Rotorua, New Zealand, conference on Monday, June 25.

In addition, Remsoft will sponsor a workshop on cloud-based operations management at both Woodflow 2018 conferences to allow forestry businesses to explore new ways to capture, analyze and manage their supply chain operations using the latest technologies in cloud-based advanced analytics.

“We are pleased to participate in these industry-leading events to discuss solutions for managing next-generation forestry operations,” said Andrea Feunekes, CEO and co-founder of Remsoft. “Managing the complexity of forestry-based supply chain operations is of upmost concern to today’s businesses. Forestry companies have some of the most complex supply chains of any industry, and businesses need to keep innovating to stay ahead. We look forward to discussing these challenges and to meeting conference participants.”


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