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Remsoft Operations Planning Use Cases

Explore our Operations Log Use Case Video Series to see how Remsoft Operations can save you time, money and effort across forest operations planning and scheduling.

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With Remsoft Operations, you can create, track and manage realistic harvest plans. No matter the size of your operations, you can make better use of your data and resources to achieve critical outcomes faster, with less risk, and a positive impact on your bottom line.

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When your harvest crews are affected by an unexpected lockdown or another stop-work event, you can reschedule quickly and accurately with Remsoft Operations.

Watch the video to see how Remsoft Operations can help with adaptive planning. Taking account of factors such as harvest volumes still to do, customer usage patterns disrupted by the lockdown, available storage space and your crews’ availability, you can have a realistic back to work plan put together and communicated to all stakeholders in minutes. +

Even when you create a well-defined harvest schedule, there are many other things that you can’t plan for. Your schedule may be impacted by weather, technical problems, or it may be impacted by Covid restrictions. These situations can force your work operation to stop until further notice. In this video, we show you how you can minimize the impact of disruptions with adaptive planning using Remsoft Operations. 

When you are responsible for creating a harvest schedule and managing your delivery commitments, the incurred new regulations can create a gap in the volume production which impacts your harvest and delivery schedule.  

What should you do? First, you need to adjust your harvest schedule to reflect a gap and ensure your harvesting crews will stop their work until further notice. You will need to stop harvesting all active assignments. And then, change the start date for all subsequent assignments. The great thing about Remsoft Operations is that you can do all these steps with the click of a button. With a single action, you can create a gap in your harvest schedule and move all your assignments to a future date. 

But your work stoppage presents additional problems. Since you are not harvesting any product volume during the lockdown, you need to check your destination’s inventory. The shortage in the delivery volume may result in a low inventory and can create a storage problem at the port. The next step would be to determine if you have units with available volume to address the gap post lockdown. In this case, using Remsoft Operations you can schedule more units with the necessary products available. Or, an alternative path can be created to check the market and purchase products.  

Remsoft Operations will help you analyze the impact and make changes fast so that all crews and customers will be able to go back to work with clear instructions.

With Remsoft Operations, you can adapt your plan to make fast, real-time decisions that get your projects running again without any loss in productivity. 

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When a planner is away, another team member can easily step in to update operational and delivery plans with Remsoft Operations.

Watch the video to see how Remsoft Operations can help with collaborative planning. Making updates to operational and delivery plans is easy when data and plans are centralized and accessible to all stakeholders and planners. Any team member can step in to make adjustments in minutes when a colleague is away. +

Imagine the following scenario – one of the planners has fine-tuned the harvest and delivery plans for their assigned area to perfection over the next couple of months and is now on vacation. While away from the office, a valued customer from the planner’s area has reached out asking for more pine fiber volume to be delivered over the upcoming months. If the plans that are in place cannot be quickly adjusted to compensate by producing more products, this customer has made it known that they will be forced to consider other options and begin looking to buy this wood somewhere else. Time is of the essence to make the necessary adjustments.

It should be a simple task for another planner to step in and assist by taking the following steps:

  • Adjust the destination’s targets to indicate the increased product demand.  
  • Validate how much wood has already been planned to go to that destination. 
  • Identify a plot of land that has the necessary product volumes available to bridge the gap. 
  • Finally, assign a harvesting crew to this plot. 

However, these few steps can be a daunting and complicated process when data is stored across numerous systems or multiple spreadsheets. Working within a unified platform situated in the cloud, like Remsoft Operations, everything that is needed to complete these tasks becomes accessible to all stakeholders and planners. With the intuitive design, a planner that is responsible for a different area can easily step in and resolve these types of scenarios, working from a remote office if required, even when another colleague is away from work.

In a matter of minutes, operational and delivery plans can be updated and the situation has been resolved. This new plan can then be further analyzed through the various graphs and reports that are available within the application or through integrated Business Intelligence suites like Microsoft PowerBI to ensure that you continue to maintain high customer satisfaction levels. 

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When shipping plans need to change, you can manage your destinations’ wood storage inventories and shipping schedules with Remsoft Operations.

Watch the video to see how Remsoft Operations can help with ship planning. For a forestry company with delivery commitments to export wood, wood storage logistics and managing shipping schedules go hand-in-hand. With Remsoft Operations inventory managers can quickly adapt shipping plans to avoid wood shortage or surplus at shipping destinations. +

As part of managing the destination’s inventory, inventory managers need to ensure there is enough space to store all incoming volume, and in the case of mills, that there is always enough volume available to keep the mill operating. Inventory Summary visualization allows you to see the beginning and ending inventory at the destinations together with minimum and maximum inventory targets. For an example, Remsoft Operations can display maximum inventory to indicate storage capacity, whereas a minimum inventory displays how much wood is required to justify scheduling a shipment. By looking at the visualization, you can recognize where you are currently on track to exceed storage capacities while also identifying opportunities where you are planned to have enough volume to schedule wood for export.

Upon checking the visualization with Remsoft Operations and recognizing that there is enough volume available, you can schedule a ship to arrive. You can create “Sales” transactions to indicate that a ship is booked, for example, to arrive on a Friday for the first and second weeks of December. Once the transactions are created, inventory summary shows that there is enough volume to load two ships.

But what will happen if your ship arrives on Monday instead of Friday? Remsoft Operations intuitive design allows making changes to the schedule in only a couple of clicks. Upon making a change to the start date of a ship’s arrival, it will correspond to a shortage or surplus in the inventory. Since harvest schedule is managed in Remsoft Operations, if there were a shortage you could check if your crews have capacity to harvest more volume, or you can explore the market and purchase wood to meet the demand. If you want to purchase wood from a third-party supplier, you can track that transaction in Remsoft Operations, too.

When inventory managers can quickly adapt to the changes and track volume ins and outs from a destination, they can see across their entire supply chain, identify opportunities and gaps and act immediately to ensure order fulfilment for their destination all while working on one unified platform. 

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