Automating Model Building: Introduction to Scripting and Model Templates

Course Description

Learn how Integrator, core functionality within Woodstock, is used to enable two-way connectivity between your data and model, supporting structured and efficient model development, integration and updating.

The course begins with a review of Integrator keywords and demonstrates how to link to a variety of data sources to build a Woodstock model section by section. Next, you will learn how to incorporate Integrator code into a template file to automate the update of multiple model sections in one easy step. Along the way, we will discuss best practices and common data approaches aimed at helping you organize your work and streamline your modeling process.


Completion of Woodstock Modeling Fundamentals

Required Software

Remsoft Woodstock 2020.3 or higher and Microsoft™ Teams


Automating Model Building is online classroom, instructor-led training delivered over two 4-hour sessions. It is expected that all instructional time and exercises can be completed during the two 4-hour sessions.

Session times are: 
  • April 14 Tuesday, 6PM to 10PM (AST)
  • April 16 Thursday, 6PM to 10PM (AST)
Cost: $1,000

In person training is also available if you prefer having a Remsoft instructor on site. Contact us to learn more about this option.