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Forico Implements Remsoft Operations to Improve Harvest Operations Planning Accuracy and Information Flow


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With Forico's implementation of cloud-based Remsoft Operations, planning pressures can be predicted 6-12 months in advance and the scheduling process is more efficient, taking 50% less time.

Forico, Tasmania’s largest private forestry management company, has implemented Remsoft Operations as a solution to overcome the limitations of spreadsheet-based operations planning. 

Forico sustainably manages 172,000 hectares in Tasmania, Australia of which 90,000 hectares are plantation forestry processed for wood fibre in their Surrey Hills and Long Reach mills.  

Remsoft Operations has provided Forico with an efficient way to schedule harvest crews, view our production volumes and develop customer wood flows with one software application,” said Darren Herd, Forico Strategic Logistics Manager.

Using Remsoft Operations, Forico now has intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for crew scheduling, with productivity rates and targets automatically referenced from the supporting platform. Volume is planned from harvest through to delivery to the mill. Planned volume data is updated with actual production each night through the REST API, ensuring ongoing accuracy of delivered volume forecasts.

Previously, updating the harvest schedule was cumbersome. Only select users had access and a routine had been developed to do a batch edit every few weeks. With the implementation of Remsoft Operations, Forico foresters value the ease of use, ability to update schedules on the fly and the business benefits that come from being able to log in and know they are looking at the current schedule. Not only can planning pressures be predicted 6-12 months in advance, but the scheduling process is also more efficient, taking 50% less time.

As Forico increasingly adopts SaaS software solutions, Remsoft’s enterprise-grade cloud platform (developed on Microsoft Azure) combined with their forestry expertise and proven implementation were a good fit for their needs. In future, Forico and Remsoft will build on their new relationship to simplify other planning challenges in Forico’s supply chain.

About Forico

Forico is Tasmania’s largest private forestry management company. For more information, visit Forico’s website

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Remsoft is an intelligence software leader that helps forestry organizations plan with precision, act with confidence and adapt to change. Learn more about Remsoft Forest IntelligenceTM solutions.

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