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Our Educational Partners Program


Remsoft’s Educational Partners Program supports academic research and teaching initiatives that increase understanding and improve practices in sustainable forest, land and asset management.

Remsoft is committed to supporting education and research initiatives that foster interesting new approaches to forest management and planning.

Since it’s what Remsoft is all about, we are especially interested in supporting initiatives that could lead to increased understanding and improved practices in sustainable forest, land and asset management.

To this end, we offer an Educational Partners Program to support teaching and research and to help explore new applications for the software and identify areas where we might improve the software capabilities.

How it started

Remsoft’s Educational Partners Program developed out of the conversations we were having with commercial organizations and government bodies that were using our software. There was eagerness to see Woodstock used in academic institutions to aid and advanced research that could be adopted by commercial forestry. This was an idea that resonated strongly with our team, given that so many have academic forestry backgrounds.

That interest translated into these organizations encouraging educational institutes in their area to join the program.  Our clients have been and continue to be great allies in the expansion of the program, since the result is fresh, young talent with Woodstock experience ready to be hired as Analysts.

How it works

The program offers a special license of the Remsoft Spatial Planning System to academic institutions.  At the end of every calendar year, we ask participating institutions to briefly tell us about the teaching and/or research work for which the software was employed.

The aim of this feedback exercise is to promote greater understanding of the applicability of the software system for scholarly research and as an instructional tool, and to promote dialogue with other academics and the broader forest management community.

Global Presence

With 20 participating Educational Partners, our software is being taught in 7 countries on four continents.  The technology is being applied in teaching labs, research projects and individual studies, with subject ranging from Forest Management to Civil Infrastructure.

Each year, a full report of all teaching and research work is released to showcase research work and provide an opportunity for researchers to get in touch with one another, further strengthening a coloration of great minds and ideas for our collective future.

Become a Partner

If you are a professor looking to add current, relevant technology to your curriculum or a student that could apply our software in your next project, Remsoft’s Educational Partners Program could be a great fit. Learn more about the program and how to become an educational partner.

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