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The Art of the Possible: End-to-End Optimized Forest Planning in the Cloud


Remsoft moves towards a complete end-to-end platform for forest management planning that extends to all aspects of the forest value chain, is both integrated and connected, and offers all of the tools needed in one place.

Throughout our storied history, Remsoft has been in the business of planning. We’ve not only defined the space and set the standard, we are the standard! But, we’ll never rest on our laurels. We remain committed to improving the way business and forestry operates by delivering unique, innovative and creative solutions.

This commitment is supported by our vision to move from a generic forest planning solution to a complete end-to-end platform, one that extends to all aspects of the forestry value chain, is both integrated and connected, and offers all of these tools and the technology in one place.

To achieve this vision, we made the crucial decision to create cloud-native solutions.

Our Journey to the Cloud

Rest assured, this decision wasn’t based on trends. Technology for technology’s sake is meaningless. We’ve always focused on developing the best planning systems for forest management. As technology has evolved, we’ve leveraged it to add new capabilities only when it makes sense. So as cloud technology advanced to enable, higher reliability, better security and better and faster processing, we embraced it.

But, we didn’t undertake this journey without asking many, many questions to many people – our team, technology experts and our customers. We looked at the best ways to leverage the benefits of the cloud to improve planning. We asked, “What belongs in the cloud, and what is still best left on the desktop? What components should we build, and which ones should we launch first?” Most importantly, we asked, “How can we continue to improve the way the business of forestry operates?”

Rather than reworking our previous software versions, we decided to architect a completely new platform from the ground up in order to fully leverage all the benefits of the cloud. The result is a cloud platform for optimized planning and decision support. Remsoft Operations Cloud is the first solution to be offered for real time operational planning in the cloud.

We won’t stop there. Our Remsoft Operations Cloud platform provides a flexible infrastructure that will allow us to continually develop an array of new capabilities and fine tune it for unique business purposes and markets that face similar asset management and optimization challenges as forestry.  The platform will be an additional catalyst for us to partner and/or integrate with best in class complimentary companies and solutions, to enable us to provide even more value for our customers.

Focus on the Possible

The next question we asked ourselves was, “What’s next?”

Our answer was, “Everything!”

We fully recognize the multi-faceted and complex nature of the forestry industry. But rather than focus on the challenges, we decided to focus on the “art of the possible.” And, there are so many possibilities.

For instance, we are developing a planning database, where you can work with both forecast data and actuals. This opens the door for continuous improvement by providing a way to compare the plan to what actually happened, and go back to refine and improve it over time. It also offers a way to bring the rest of your organization into the planning world.  We are very excited about the potential this can offer.

We are also looking into providing value-added data sources – such as stumpage price forecasts and other financial information – to provide even more meaningful intelligence.

Future developments on our roadmap also include logistics and supply chain capabilities.

Realizing the vision

Remsoft is well on our way to making our vision a reality.

We have a plan. We are making significant R&D investments and building a team of the best and experienced minds to make it happen. We have a strategic partnership with Microsoft to help ensure we are using the best practices. Plus, we’re working with the best experts in their fields to add new capabilities – including Princeton Consultants, Esri and Logi Analytics, among others. We are also actively looking for new technology partners that can offer complementary technologies that will get us there faster and provide even more value to our customers.

Most importantly, we are engaging with our customers to get their valuable feedback. Contact us, if you’d like to start a conversation or schedule a demo of any kind. 

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