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Remsoft’s 2020.7 Woodstock Scheduler Release Includes New Crew Movement Feature and Activity Gantt View


Remsoft’s 2020.7 Woodstock Scheduler Release includes a new Crew Movement feature that can take crew movement costs into consideration to optimize decisions and help reduce the overall cost associated with operational planning.

Remsoft 2020.7 Woodstock Scheduler Software Release

Remsoft has released a major update to Woodstock Scheduler today that includes new functionality, and addresses known issues and bug fixes. Upgrades in the 2020.7 Release can help to minimize crew movement costs, improve visualization of scheduled activities, automate and simplify the user modeling workflow.

Functionality Updates in this Release Include:

  • Crew Movement Feature: The Crew Movement Feature in Scheduler is a short-term model implementation aimed at reducing the overall cost associated with operational planning. This feature leverages the Sequence functionality to include movement costs in the matrix, so that the solver can take crew movement costs into consideration when optimizing decisions. 
  • Activity Gantt View: The Activity Gantt View is a new option for showing scheduled actions that does not rely on maps, unlike the standard Gantt chart available in the Schedule view. This is particularly helpful for visualizing the schedule of activities related to prescriptions and regimes, and also for viewing activities that are scheduled after the harvest action. 
  • Online documentation: Woodstock Scheduler now has an online knowledge base. Different sections of the application are directly linked to pertinent help content.

Read the 2020.7 Release Notes for a full list of new features and bug fixes. Find the Software Downloads on our Support page

Feedback and Support

As always, we welcome your feedback on our products. To suggest new features that would bring value and improve efficiency in your planning workflows, please send us an email at Support with the subject line: Feature Suggestion.

If you experience any technical issues with this release, contact our Support Team for assistance.

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