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Remsoft Partners with Locus and Consortech to Integrate Forest Operations Planning Data in the Cloud


Forestry companies have a faster path to connect their data, improving forest operations planning visibility and decision-making, with Remsoft Operations and Safe Software’s FME. 

Data Integration in the Remsoft Operations Cloud

Remsoft, a forestry planning and optimization software leader, is partnering with Safe Software FME Certified data integration specialists Locus and Consortech to automate data integration in the Remsoft Operations Cloud.

Forest product companies often work within multiple systems, spreadsheets, and different data formats. The resulting data fragmentation hampers efficiency, effective decision-making, and the ability to rapidly respond to changing conditions that could affect harvest levels and product delivery.

There are so many moving parts in the forest supply chain, and things can become very complex, very quickly” says Doug Jones, Remsoft Senior Vice President, Solutions and Innovation. “Being able to see everything in one place, updated in real-time within the Remsoft Operations Cloud enables our clients to make the best planning decisions.”

Through the partnerships with Locus, an Australian and New Zealand based consultancy focused on unlocking the power of FME to solve enterprise data challenges, and Consortech, a North American leader in geospatial data integration and FME expert, forest product companies can now automatically transform and connect data from different sources via Safe Software’s FME technology to the Remsoft Operations Cloud.

Our partnership with Remsoft will focus on eliminating existing manual data tasks and creating automated data workflows that can save clients significant time, resources, and money,” says François Laganière, Partner and VP Solutions with Consortech. “Remsoft Operations customers will be able to access updated, validated data in a central, cloud-based repository for a unified view of their operational planning process.”

“FME can talk to many types of systems, and handle hundreds of different formats,” says Ruby Donaldson, Business Development Director with Locus. “It allows different files from different applications to talk to each other automatically, and is especially effective with spatial data, which makes it a good fit for forestry applications.”

Forestry companies that want to make more effective use of their data to improve operational planning decisions have a clearer and faster path with Remsoft Operations and Safe Software’s FME data integration platform.

“Our partnership with Locus and Consortech will help our clients achieve planning transparency and visibility across their supply chain – delivering real-time access to data and a consolidated view of their operations,” says Jones.

About Consortech –  

An industry leader in data integration, processing and automation, Consortech helps government entities and private organizations better manage their land and infrastructure, while leveraging the existing IT architecture in place. With a team made up of certified FME experts, Consortech helps organizations access quality data on which they can base their decisions. 

About Locus – 

Locus specialises in helping clients unlock the power of FME to solve both spatial and non-spatial data challenges that can be unique or common. The Locus team are all Safe Software FME Certified Professionals. Locus’ philosophy is to show clients how FME can assist and to add value be it through training or consulting.

About Remsoft –  

A planning analytics software leader, Remsoft helps forestry organizations tap into the power of intelligence to plan with precision, act with confidence and adapt to change. We connect people with data and analytics to improve decision-making and business performance. Our software uses mathematical optimization, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help industry and government leaders meet the complex demands of forest and wood supply chain management. With Remsoft optimized planning solutions, every decision is powered by intelligence

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