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Remsoft Presents on AI Innovation in Forestry at the R3 Conference

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Speaking at the June R3 Accelerating AI Innovation conference in Moncton, Elliot Sullivan, Remsoft’s Director of Product Management – Cloud Solutions, presented on Emerging Trends in AI for New Brunswick’s Priority Sectors and Industries. The presentation explored new and powerful ways that AI technologies can improve forest operations planning and harvest scheduling to remain competitive in a global market.

Key points from Sullivan’s presentation were captured in an All New Brunswick Business Magazine article and are summarized below. 

  • Remsoft is integrating artificial intelligence within its Remsoft Operations platform to enhance forest and operations planning and give companies a more realistic look at their productivity.
  • New artificial intelligence features analyze expected productivity, actual productivity, and other data to give new insights into the amount of timber the company can expect to harvest in a day and predict potential delays. “AI can start telling you, ‘well maybe our predictions are different than your assumptions’,” explains Sullivan.
  • AI can help determine factors that impact performance and aren’t always obvious. As an example, logging crews working more slowly when given a bigger assignment can factor into productivity.
  • Beta testing for Remsoft’s initial set of AI features started last year and the features are commercially available with the June update of Remsoft Operations.
  • With the new AI features, Remsoft continues to move into predictive analytics. “We see it as expanding our presence across the supply chain and enhancing what we already do well,” said Sullivan.
  • Remsoft will expand its AI features. It’s working on a component that can analyze weather data to predict the point when rain will make the ground too soggy for heavy equipment to operate, something that’s particularly valuable in the Southeastern United States.

“What we’re hoping to do is… come in early, tackle a problem, a very defined problem, and start growing from there,” said Sullivan. “And growth to us means adding more AI capabilities.”   

Read the original article published on All New Brunswick Business Magazine. 

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