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Carbon sequestration as part of the global warming solution – Using software to combine environmental stewardship with economic benefit

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Date and Publication

2008: The Forestry Chronicle, published by Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut Forestier du Canada, Vol. 84, No.2


Donna St. Jean Conti

Paper Summary

Masterful carbon sequestration, whether to meet self-imposed guidelines or those agreed to in efforts like the Kyoto Protocol, is both an art and a science. Forestry managers who are adept at large-scale spatial planning can use this knowledge to dramatically influence the health of the planet and aid their organizations—or even countries—in generating new revenue streams created through buying and selling carbon emissions rights. Using spatial planning software that models predicted results based on hypothetical scenarios greatly improves the managers’ accuracy while saving time.

This paper provides an overview of what carbon sequestration is, how forests are used as natural carbon sinks and how selling carbon credits is proving to be a potential new revenue stream for organizations and other entities managing large tracks of forested area. Finally, this paper shows how Remsoft’s optimization modeling software enables efficient and effective management of forests as carbon sinks.


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