Advanced Prescriptive Technology

Remsoft’s solutions are based on two advanced platforms for optimized planning and decision support: the Remsoft Rise Platform for the cloud, and the Woodstock Modeling Platform for the desktop. Together they provide the foundation for all of our planning solutions, which are then carried forward and applied to each tailored client strategy.

Remsoft Rise Platform

Remsoft Rise is a cloud-based, multi-user, multi-tenant platform. Since its introduction, Rise’s business intelligence software, advanced spatial analytics and high-performance computing have made it a powerful optimization tool. Remsoft Rise is a unified platform that improves the informed decision-making capacity of any business that uses it.

One Unified Platform for Innovation

All the planning tools and technologies in one place. Integrated, connected, and leveraging the benefits of the cloud.

Strong API Capabilities and High-Performance Computing

Linked to and integrated with your other data sources and applications, with the ability to supply as much computing power as you need.

End-to-End Optimized Planning – In the Cloud

Remsoft’s next generation technology platform offers clients access to optimized planning, modeling, GIS, analytics, and decision support solutions that have deep scenario analysis capabilities – all in the cloud. This means that as your company’s needs change, grow or mature, your solution can evolve as well.

Rise provides a toolkit that can be used to solve your most complex planning challenges, regardless of the time frame involved. From strategic to tactical to operational to real-time data streaming, this flexible infrastructure allows Remsoft to produce an array of cloud-native solutions. It’s part of our core commitment to our clients: to deliver unique, innovative, and creative solutions.

Remsoft Woodstock Platform

The Woodstock Modeling Platform is a fully integrated spatial planning and optimization technology framework composed of Modeling and Analytics platforms. Refined and innovated over nearly three decades, it handles every facet of planning, optimizing, and managing assets.

Modeling Platform

Designed for sophisticated optimization modeling and highly adaptable across a wide range of asset planning.

Analytics Platform

The application set allows users to work with published models through focused, task-specific applications and user-friendly interfaces.