Intelligence Technologies for Optimized Planning

Remsoft’s Woodstock Optimization Studio is an industry-standard platform for prescriptive analytics and decision optimization. Our cloud-based Remsoft Operations technology enables forest-to-mill planning in real time. Together they provide a powerful and flexible, end-to-end solution for forest management planning.


Remsoft Operations is a cloud-based operational planning system that addresses coordination and data challenges across forest operations planning and scheduling. Centralize and make all your harvest, delivery and destination information instantly accessible via an intuitive web interface. Create a unified view of your supply chain to support collaborative, real-time planning and scheduling.

All Your Planning Data in One Place

Remsoft Operations is supported by a central repository for all relevant planning information that provides a unified view of the operational planning process.

Optimization Analytics and Esri GIS Integration

Add Remsoft optimization capabilities to solve complex scheduling challenges such as annual planning, log allocation, wood flow and crew scheduling. Integrate with Esri ArcGIS to enable spatial analytics. 


Remsoft provides end-to-end planning and optimization analytics software solutions with integrated modeling, deep scenario analysis and decision support capabilities – accessible on your desktop and in the cloud. Our proven software solutions are enterprise-ready, modular and can scale to your planning needs as you evolve and grow.  

Solve your most complex planning challenges, across all time horizons. From strategic to tactical, operational and real-time – Remsoft can help you add more agility, transparency and intelligence to your planning initiatives. Our software supports team collaboration and efficiently transforms data into actionable insights to improve decisions and outcomes.


Remsoft’s Woodstock Optimization Studio is a fully integrated optimization modeling platform with robust prescriptive analytics capabilities. Refined and innovated over nearly three decades, it supports every facet of forest management planning and scheduling, optimizing decisions and improving resource and asset management.

Highly Adaptable Optimization Models

Create sophisticated optimization models for a wide range of planning activities, including asset valuation, environment and policy planning, silviculture, harvest scheduling, road activity, resource allocation, risk mitigation, wood flow and delivery.

Deep Analysis Capabilities

The platform provides powerful decision support capabilities, allowing users to conduct advanced scenario analysis and to work with published models through focused, task-specific workflows and user-friendly interfaces.