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Remsoft Among Innovative Companies Showcased by J.D. Irving

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A valued customer for over 20 years, JDI’s Irving Woodlands is dedicated to overseeing sustainable forest management and uses Remsoft software to plan their forestry activities over the long term.

Remsoft was proud to be featured among New Brunswick-based companies recognized as being vital to the operations of J.D.Irving (JDI). In New Brunswick alone, JDI works with over 4,600 local businesses. The purchase of goods and services from these valued New Brunswick suppliers, from over 250 communities, amounted to over $1.4 billion in 2018.

From Fredericton to 15 Countries and 6 Continents

Based in Fredericton, Remsoft is an innovative software company that partners with forestry companies around the world on sustainable forest management. From a 2-person start-up in Fredericton in 1992, the company has grown to a team of 54 with customers in 15 countries and a market presence in 6 continents. Remsoft’s analytics software is industry standard within forestry, used to transform data into intelligence that improves decision-making at every point in the forest value chain – for sustainability, profitability, growth and competitive advantage.

JDI has been a valued Remsoft customer for over 20 years.Irving Woodlands, JDI’s division dedicated to overseeing sustainable forest management, research and conservation and land holdings, owns 3.2 million acres and manages 2.8 million more acres of Crown land in New Brunswick.

Supporting sustainable forest management planning

“Remsoft’s software applications help organizations plan and schedule everything across the entire forestry supply chain – from land acquisition and silviculture through harvesting and delivery,” says Andrea Feunekes, CEO of Remsoft. “Getting the right log to the right mill at the right time. Making sure that no tree is cut at random.”

“Companies like JDI Woodlands use our software to plan their forestry activities over the long term,” explains Feunekes. “They’re making sure the forestry management practices they use are considering carbon sequestered, wildlife habitat, water course and buffers and all of the things that are really critical to a sustainably managed forest. And, they’re ensuring the decisions they make today are not negatively impacting the long-term environmental sustainability of the forest.”

JDI ahead of the curve in leveraging advanced technology

“JDI was among the first companies in Canada to leverage advanced technology in all areas of their forestry operations and they continue to lead the way, bringing the best technologies on board to support continual improvement across their business,” says Feunekes.

“Always ahead of the curve, JDI has been instrumental in helping us adapt our software to meet new industry challenges. They continually challenge us to be our best and in return have been a strong supporter, helping us to innovate and grow not only in Canada but worldwide.”

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